Boston Logan (BOS) Uber Tips - Out of date

14 Oct

Update 10/14/2017

This post is out of date. It was done prior to official support for Uber and Lyft so it’s now much easier and a lot of cars available.

I’ve been using Uber to get around when I travel, and generally its been much easier then a Taxi plus I know the cost before I get in. Every airport is different, and even hotels now have special places. I have found it a little harder to get an Uber at Boston Logan but its possible, and here are my tips.

First, Uber does work at the airport as of this post (Jan 2017). Lyft on the other hand does not currently work for pickup at the airport. When you try and get an Uber, they will pick you up a the Limo parking so take a look which terminal you’re at and make sure to order it for the right Limo pickup.

I’ve take Uber from the Boston airport a few times, with the latest being really early (6 AM). Even the ones that I took in the afternoon, I always had a little issue finding one. Seems that there are not too many car around so be prepared to wait a little. So if you open uber and it says no uber X is available, try it anyway and something will come up. I have had to try it three times ones before one came up.

Here are my recommendations when getting uber at Boston Logan:

  • Make sure to know the terminal you’re in so you can setup the pickup in the right place
  • As soon as you get off the plane, take a look if there are any cars close. If there are not, go ahead and click to get one as it will take some time.
  • If uber says no uber x is available at the time, go ahead and request one anyway. Even if you do it a few times, at some point one will show up. So try it a few times!
  • It will probably take you 10 min from once you get off the plan to the limo area, so you have time if no uber’s are close.
  • Even if there is someone close, it does take them some time to get to Limo parking so you’ll probably have at least 5 min once you get a car to accept your request.

Hope that helps, and let me know your experience!